Experience revolutionary Ortho-K treatment from one of the top three providers in the UK

Are you someone who has longed for perfect eyesight without having to wear corrective lenses every day? Maybe you have considered laser eye surgery but are worried about the dangers of this potentially risky treatment. If you think there are no other options available to you, Ortho-K might be the solution you have been looking for.

Ortho-K (ortho-keratology) is a pioneering procedure that gives you lens-free accurate vision each day. The treatment requires you to wear specially crafted semi-rigid contact lenses overnight. Whilst you sleep, the lenses gently and painlessly mould the shape of your eye to temporarily improve your eyesight, allowing you to wake up to flawless vision every morning. Your vision stays stable during the day and will remain this way for a full 12 hours after removal. It will start to revert after 24 hours which is why you will then need to wear the lenses again the following night.

The Eye Studio has been providing Ortho-K treatment since 2004. We were one of the very first practices in the country to offer Ortho-K, and with twelve years of knowledge and experience we continue to lead the way in this exciting area of eyesight correction. We currently fit three times more Ortho-K lenses than an average UK opticians practice, make us one of the top providers of this revolutionary treatment in London.

The latest research strongly suggests that Ortho-K treatment is also highly effective in controlling myopia, also known as short-sightedness. This innovative procedure has proven highly successful in preventing myopia from getting worse, particularly in young patients. That’s why The Eye Studio is pioneering the use of this revolutionary procedure to potentially halt the progression of vision problems in children.

To find out more about Ortho-K treatment, or to book an appointment for an initial consultation, simply call your nearest branch of The Eye Studio and speak to a member of our friendly staff. You can speak to the Chiswick team on 0208 742 8536 or the Fulham team on 0207 736 8721.