Turn your spectacles into a true style statement with Lindberg eyewear

Lindberg frames really are like no other glasses available. Originating in Denmark, and made with the finest materials and a meticulous attention to detail, Lindberg frames are an investment in both your eye care and your sense of style.

“The reason you can spot Lindberg frames from six feet away is because they are something a bit special. Lindberg quality is something you can see and feel”
Andrew Harman, The Eye Studio

Lindberg glasses bring together exceptional design and high-quality resources to give you some of the best eyewear available. The materials used by the company include titanium, acetate, gold, platinum and even diamonds, all of which are responsibly resourced. Some models are also available in natural animal horn, which gives each pair a unique look whilst also making them both robust and lightweight.

As a company who are constantly pushing themselves to innovate, Lindberg glasses are engineered using simple yet ingenious methods. The expert design team pride themselves on eliminating anything non-essential including screws, welds and rivets. This makes Lindberg frames flexible and hardwearing, yet light and comfortable to wear. Each pair of Lindberg glasses is also custom made to your personal requirements, hand finished and individually numbered.

For more information on Lindberg frames, or to book an appointment in practice, contact The Eye Surgery team at your closest branch (Chiswick – 0208 742 8536 or Fulham – 0207 736 8721), or come into branch to see the frames we offer.