Eye examination

Come to us for an eye exam that provides comprehensive care for your sight and health

During the time that The Eye Studio has been established, eye care methods and technology have advanced immensely to give you ever more comprehensive care. When you come to us for your eye exam, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the treatment you receive will use the most modern and effective procedures.

Your eye test will begin with a friendly discussion with your optometrist about both your general health and any specific eye issues you may have experienced recently. After this, the optometrist will carry out a series of painless and non-invasive procedures to examine both your eyesight and the health of your eyes. Your optometrist will look closely at both the inside and outside of each eye using state-of-the-art technology to ensure any issues are picked up quickly and accurately.

260If there are no issues and you do not need a prescription for corrective lenses, this will usually conclude your eye exam. However, if you do require lenses or your prescription has changed, our expert dispensing team will help you select the best possible option to give you accurate eyesight. Should your optometrist identify any symptoms of an eye condition, they will explain this to you clearly before advising you on treatment or further diagnosis.

All opticians at The Eye Studio are experts in eye care with considerable experience caring for the eyes of countless patients, so you can rest assured you will be in good hands. Your optometrist will advise you as to how regularly you need to visit us for an exam – for some patients this may be more regular than others, as everybody’s eyes are different.

For more information on our eye exams, or to book an appointment for an exam, contact your nearest branch of The Eye Studio to arrange a time convenient to you: Chiswick – 0208 742 8536 or Fulham – 0207 736 8721.